The Charting Coach has comprehensive programs to help you, a busy physician, stop charting at night so that you can create time for yourself, your family, your evenings and your weekends. The Charting Champions Program is exclusively for physicians. It is a lifetime access program that gives you the foundational training that helps you get today’s work done today and is it supported by a supportive community of your peers, physician coaching that helps you get specific help and guest coaching to help you in other areas of your life.

The Charting Coach is Sarah Smith, a family physician and certified life coach. Within the Charting Champions Program, you will find strategies to improve your clinical day efficiency, reduce burnout and reduce overwhelm. We work on charting strategies, running on time, inboxes, interruptions and distractions and backlog.

We also have the Smarter Charting Program for nurse practitioners and physician assistants who want to get home with everything done as well.

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Sarah Smith, MD
phone (780) 725-2901

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Stop Charting at Night

Make sure to catch our live session (non-CME) at 4:15pm Saturday in the PMG Live Stream!

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